Monday, 8 September 2014

Waitati Film Society

by Leonie Rousselot

WAITATI FILM SOCIETY at the ‘old store’, Harvey Street, Waitati

Half-year memberships are now available at $40 for the rest of the year. See drama, comedy, history, or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment with
convivial company. Membership allows you free entry to Film Society
screenings as well as discounts at the International Film Festival and some Dunedin

For more information, ring Brigitte at 482 2829 or Leonie at 482 2508 or visit our website at

Tuesday 2 Sept

CHINESE TAKEAWAY               Argentina 2011

This comedy centres around Roberto, a meticulously ordered hardware store owner. He considers the rest of the world chaotic because it lacks his self-discipline. As proof he collects newspaper cuttings describing bizarre incidents caused, he feels, by a failure of someone’s due diligence. Then he meets a Chinese man, Jun, who is pushed out of a moving car in front of Roberto’s shop.    93m

Tuesday 9 Sept

GRIN WITHOUT A CAT            France 1977/93

Using the simile of Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat, director Chris Marker sets out to show the dichotomy between the promise of the 1960-70’s worldwide socialist revolution (the grin) and the ultimate reality of it just not leading to its intended outcome. The lengthy film particularly looks at the rise of the New Left in France and Latin America and includes interviews with French communist leaders, students, and sociologists.                 177min

Tuesday 16 Sept

5 BROKEN CAMERAS                                                Palestine/Israel/Fr 2011

In 2005, when his fourth son was born, Palestinian Emad Burnat bought a video camera. In the same year the Israelis took 60% of Burnat’s olive groves to build their “defensive” wall. The same camera was used to record the ensuing protest that included Israeli military beatings and shootings during which a succession of five of Burnat’s cameras were smashed. But together with Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi, this film was edited from his footage. However, the military claim that their actions were in self defence and that in any case the worst scenes were contrived by the editors.  94m

Tuesday 23 Sept

HOLY MOTORS                           Fr/Germ 2012

Oscar is a sort of actor, playing many roles but in real life. Using makeup, special costumes, and appropriate props he enacts a variety of personae, sometimes paid, sometimes just for the fun of it: an old woman street beggar, an eccentric volatile kidnapper of a beautiful model, a Chinese gangster. But one engagement gone horribly wrong suggests that he may be getting just a little careless and jaded.     116m

Tuesday 30 Sept

DAY TRIP                                              NZ 2010

A gang member (Tuhoe Isaac) wakes up one morning and decides he needs a day off. A short voyage between islands changes his outlook on life. Filmed in the Marlborough Sounds, this is a story by Bill Payne and directed by Zoe McIntosh.      11m

FRONTIERS OF DREAMS AND FEARS                      Lebanon 2001

If you want a glimpse into the lifestyles of a selection of Palestinian children, then this is the film for you. Made by documentary maker Mai Masri during the 2000 withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon, it reveals how conflict between nations can impinge on the everyday lives of kids who would otherwise be doing what all kids do. Their reactions are shared through their voiceovers. The murder of a father, a suicide bombing, or opening or closing of borders can have such deep and lasting effect on what would have been a happy childhood.            56m

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