Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Warrington School

by Jeff Burrow, Principal
What an amazing evening! It was a real treat to see the children so passionate about sharing and performing their drumming and waiata to celebrate Matariki in front of such a large, attentive audience of parents and members of the wider Warrington community. Thank you to Ms Jones and Mrs Russell for their wonderful work with getting the children’s performances so polished!
Here are some Matariki stories from students…
Year 7
On the night of Matariki I marched and beat the drum as hard and loud as I could, to the Paua Farm. As I was walking it got bleaker and bleaker. The stars caught my eye as they were glistening radiantly in the shady night sky. Two glossy dazzling lanterns had suddenly appeared out of the night sky and they were coming closer and closer. It was Mikey and his mum. We were waiting for quite a while and then we strolled toward the lanterns and lights. Stilt walkers were dancing like fairies, with their long legs high above the road. I was freezing – maybe it wasn’t a good idea wearing a dress! I’d finally got to the school path and lanterns covered the whole area. Boom, boom, pow – the drums were finally here. Time to parade around the court...
Year 6
Thump, thump went the many stiff hands whacking the strong base drums. I could hear all the excitement echoing through the heart of misty Warrington. One step at a time my gleaming lantern guides me to my other classmates who are banging their drums, getting into the rhythm or gracefully walking, swaying their paper lanterns side to side. I was in the middle of something big. Suddenly I felt alone. The clothes of many people were blending into the moonless night and just then the lanterns turned into twinkling stars floating in the Matariki atmosphere.
Year 2
It was Tuesday and it was Matariki time. The whole school and some of the Warrington people were celebrating Matariki. I was feeling jubilant. When I saw the stilt walkers, I was totally amazed. I also noticed an adult from mum’s school was there. We were walking with all the people and I had to carry a lantern. It was quite windy. I felt frightened. The very first person that I saw was Rosa. She is as cute as a puppy. They are very cute – just like me. When we got to school we played the drums and sang songs for the audience. After we performed for everyone, we had some food. I didn’t stay for the whole Matariki. I had to go home quickly. Quick as quick. My eyes were hurting, so I snuggled up to mum. I was very tired!
Year 7&8 Open Evening : Thursday 31st July @ 7pm
We are holding an Open Evening for our prospective Year 7 and 8 students to share with parents and children the learning programmes and opportunities that are available at Warrington School next year.
After School Care
Our After School Care programme is in full swing. It is available Monday – Friday
3pm – 6pm. We have trained experienced staff. We offer structured activities, games, cooking, arts and crafts, supervised homework as well as afternoon tea and snacks.
If you have any queries about Warrington School or would like more information please contact the office on 482-2605.

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