Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Waitati Film Society

by Leonie Rousselot
WAITATI FILM SOCIETY at the “old store,” Harvey Street, Waitati
Half-year memberships are now available at $40 for the rest of the year. See drama, comedy, history, or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment with convivial company. Membership allows you free entry to Film Society screenings as well as discounts at the International Film Festival and some Dunedin cinemas.
For more information, ring Brigitte at 4822 829 or Leonie at 4822 508 or visit our website: www.nzfilmsociety.org.nz/waitati.htm
Tuesday 19 August
USA 1951
Jerry (Gene Kelly), a WWII American veteran, tries to make headway as an artist in Paris.  Strangely, he doesn’t willingly succumb to the possible patronage of the lonely heiress Milo because he’s distracted by shop girl Lise (Leslie Caron). Not surprisingly, with a cast like that, the story includes lively music (Gershwin) and superb dancing.    113 min
Tuesday 26 August
Canada 2011
The title was the name of a bull bred to produce many hundreds of thousands of progeny. He didn’t have the same problem as another Starbuck, alias 42 year old slacker David Wozniak, who, as a sperm donor, fathered 533 offspring, many of whom join a class action calling for him to be identified, something he doesn’t want, if only because his girlfriend is pregnant with his child and he is hopelessly in debt.     109 min

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