Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Waitati Qigong

by Jay Glubb

I'd like to share a little bit about myself, my background in Qigong, and what it has done for me. My interest in Qigong started in 2006 when I began attending regular classes in town. Soon after I started attending a teacher training programme that, at the time ,was been run in two weeks at a time in Wellington. My experiences of Qi (Chi, life force), and how Qigong (exercises and meditations to work on Qi) can help to improve life were profound. I have had a daily practice ever since.

A friend who knew me early on when I started recently described me as "the most ungrounded person he had ever met”. How this could be seen in Qigong terms is that the connection between body and mind was not very strong. Not surprisingly, if we are not connected well to ourselves, our own body, and our true feelings, then it is hard to connect well to others and to the outside world. It is also hard to make good decisions concerning our health and other areas of life. To put it simply, I had a bunch of problems, seemingly on the outside but in the end, in order to change them, I had to change myself.

I really can't express what it feels like to know you can really change your life. Like everyone else I still have lots of things to work on (and the occasional ungrounded moment), but I have this sense of joy and purpose, because for me, fundamentally each challenge is an opportunity to grow.

I am sharing this because I want to offer my help to other people. The training that I've undergone to get to this point has been quite comprehensive ( and is ongoing) but, more importantly, I have applied it into my own life first. I teach classes in Waitati (Tuesday 6.30 at the hall) and in NEV. I am also available for private healing sessions. A healing consists of working to help adjust a person's Qi and helping to find the underlying causes of problems, including unhealthy thought patterns. Qi healings are a little bit like Reiki (Ki is the Japanese name for Qi) and are common in a number of Qigong practices. In fact regular Qigong practice (and correct training) makes a great foundation for a person's Qi healing abilities.

I try to offer my work at an affordable level, hence prices are on a sliding scale. Classes are $5-$10 depending on what you can afford and healings are $20-$50. I also run group healings in my Waitati class every third Tuesday of the month.

On Sunday 13 July I am running a day retreat in the Waitati Hall. This will be an opportunity to learn the form and also experience the healing potential of the practice. The price for this is $20-$50. This is also a taster for a weekend retreat that some other teachers from town and I are putting together soon.

For more details on any of this go to Yuangongqigongdunedin@wordpress.com. Hope to see you soon.

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