Tuesday, 22 July 2014

East Otago Biodiversity and Landscape Forum

by Rhys Millar 

The Landscape Connections Trust (LCT) is organising a forum for individuals, landowners, community groups, iwi and management agencies that have an interest in the biodiversity and landscape of East Otago.  The forum aims to encourage cooperation between individuals and groups by providing an opportunity to network and to share ideas and knowledge about the biodiversity and heritage of this unique area.

The LCT is in the very early stages of facilitating the development of a community management strategy for enhancing the biodiversity and landscape functionality of the East Otago area.  Guidance and input from the community is keenly sought, and will continue to be sought throughout the process.

The biodiversity forum will form part of the LCT’s information gathering process, as well as promoting collaboration and networking amongst interested people. The intent of the forum is to learn about the biodiversity, cultural and heritage values of this area, and to share aspirations for the future.  We will hear from grass-roots conservation groups, landowners, Kati Huirapa Runaka Ki Puketeraki, DOC, ORC and others.

Purpose of the Forum:
·      To learn of the ecological, cultural and heritage values of this area.
·      To understand from locals and experts what biodiversity, cultural and heritage values are of high importance, as well as understanding how healthy our terrestrial and marine environment currently is, and how we can improve its health.
·      To learn of people’s work in the field of biodiversity management and research, sustainable land management, and to understand what projects are underway in the area.
·      To encourage co-operation, networking and the sharing of ideas regarding the future management of the East Otago landscape.

Interested people
We are really keen to hear from people or groups who are involved in biodiversity or nature-related sustainability initiatives across the breadth of East Otago.  From individual landowners through to larger conservation groups, we look forward to your involvement in the day.  Please contact us for more details. 

Where and When?
To be held in the meeting room at Orokonui ecosanctuary from 1:30pm – 5:30pm on Saturday the 2nd August.

Contact Details
Space will be limited, so please RSVP to:
Rhys Millar 
03 4779242 (w)
027 3877866 (m)

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