Saturday, 5 April 2014


by Jackie Hughes

We have been enjoying a variety of activities this month at Warrington Playcentre. Zara, Sol and Finn have been working with clay that has been sourced locally, from the garden. Matthew has been interested in playing with colourful cornflour gloop and Belle has been busy painting the fence with beautiful art work. These activities have all been valuable to stimulate their imagination and creativeness and develop their pre-literacy skills.

Physical activities are always strong on the agenda at our playcentre. Here is a special mention of Oscar and Finn who have just recently learnt to pedal the tricycles on their own. Well done to Matthew for his gain in confidence and excellent jumping on the agility equipment.

We have recently welcomed Oscar, Lilly and Marco to our playcentre; they are already part of the team. This month seems to have been a month of developing relationships at playcentre. The children who used to once play alongside each other are now of the age where they play with each other and are really caring about each other. These children are particularly Toby, Rowan, Nikau and Belle. It is a pleasure to see their maturation and beautiful friendships now developing.

We are planning to work towards a Healthy Heart Award for our playcentre in the coming months. This involves some thought around our nutrition, and demonstration of our physical activity. We are looking forward to sharing our individual approaches to food with each other and then presenting these to the children. It will be great for ourselves as parents to have a greater appreciation of different food philosophies, and awareness of food allergy and intolerance, which is becoming increasingly commonplace today. As we tend our playcentre vegetable garden, it will help us to keep in mind where our healthy food comes from. 

Warrington Playcentre is open Wednesdays and Fridays 9:15am-12:15pm. Please feel free to come along and spend the morning with us and see what we have to offer.

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