Saturday, 5 April 2014


by Leonie Rousselot

All are welcome to join us at the Film Society at our new venue in the Old General Store, Harvey Street, on Tuesdays at 8:00pm.

Membership for one year is $65 and covers 27 nights of entertainment. We offer drama, comedy, history or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment with convivial company.  For more info ring Leonie 482-2508 or Brigitte 482-2829 and visit our website:

Tuesday, 1 April


Two brothers, both murder suspects, are taken to find their buried victim on the Turkey/Iran border. The search continues overnight in the rain, complicated by one brother who remembers little because he was drunk and it was dark when he committed the crime. His brother is intellectually challenged so of limited help.                 150m


Tuesday, 15 April

IF …                                                   UK 1968

There was a tradition in Britain’s private boarding schools that senior boys – Whips - were allowed to exercise authority over the juniors, including using first years as ‘fags’ to perform their domestic and other duties. Abuse, sometimes brutal, was common. This is the setting for this film, though it sometimes drifts off into surrealistic fantasies that might have arisen in abused minds from this unnatural, all male environment.   111m


Tuesday, 29 April

INSIGNIFICANCE                           UK 1985

The action of this comedy/drama revolves around the interplay of four characters who represent iconic figures of the era, Marilyn Monroe (The Actress), Joseph McCarthy (The Senator), Joe DiMaggio (The Ballplayer) and Albert Einstein (The Professor). The Ballplayer, as husband of the Actress, objects to others ogling at her as she stands over a grate with her skirt blowing up; the Senator demands the reluctant Professor attends his enquiry into communism and the Actress explains the principles of relativity to the Professor.         110m

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