Saturday, 5 April 2014


by Gerard Collings, Chair

Dunedin City Council draft Annual Plan

The Dunedin City Council’s long-term plan foreshadowed a need for the council to be fiscally prudent. As ratepayers, we are undoubtedly all supportive of the DCC refining expenditure and reducing the need for additional rates. It is, however, important that we all take the opportunity to understand the activities the council intends to undertake, and more importantly voice our view, our endorsement or concern, and our ideas on how the city should be run. We all have an opportunity to participate either through the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board (WCCB) or directly to the council. The DCC is currently consulting on the 2014/15 draft Annual Plan (AP) with submissions to close at 5:00pm on 15 April 2014. Board members will be present at the Blueskin Show to hear community members’ views on the AP prior to finalising our submission to the council. The following are some of the matters the WCCB will be considering providing comment on in our submission:

  • Council Debt Management
    The board has previously expressed support for the application of surpluses directly against debt repayment.

  • Performance Targets

The draft AP sets a number of performance targets in order to measure its success, failure and service level delivery. These targets need to provide a meaningful measure of the effect of the council’s investment.

  • Waste Management
    Including landfill operations, refuse collection, Blueskin mega-skip days, waste minimisation, and maintenance and operation of our various sewage treatment facilities.

  • Levels of Service
    Including maintenance standards for our roads, footpaths and drainage networks.

  • Development Contributions Policy

Through this year’s draft AP the council is consulting on a revised Development Contributions Policy.

  • Fees and Charges
    We will want to ensure that increases in the charges being proposed are justifiable, equitable, and affordable.

  • Ongoing work to reduce operational costs

The WCCB has previously expressed support for the ongoing efforts by the DCC Chief Executive and staff to reduce operational costs within the council. We will, however, be seeking assurances that these cost savings will not come at the expense of necessary capital replacements or maintenance of critical infrastructure such as water mains and roads.

  • Waitati Toilets

The WCCB will continue to seek support for a community-led project for the provision of public toilets in Waitati.

The draft AP is available at the library, DCC’s website and from the council office. As always board members are happy to hear from members of the community who want further information, or wish to express their ideas. I strongly urge you all to take the time to make yourself familiar with the draft AP’s contents and participate in the consultation process. A wise man once told me that if you can’t be bothered to vote, don’t complain about the outcome. The same should equally be said for participating in the council’s annual plan process.

Public access to Blueskin Bay in the vicinity of Bank and Bay Roads, Warrington

A number of years ago, as a result of safety concerns raised by members of the community, measures were put in place to limit access to Blueskin Bay at the Bank and Bay Roads intersection. These restrictions effectively removed vehicle access but retained access for pedestrians. This meant that any vehicle access to the bay would be through the Warrington Domain area.

The WCCB has been approached on a number of occasions since the safety measures were put in place and asked to review and modify them in order to make the access way wide enough to allow vehicles to access the bay at this point. At our March meeting it was decided that the board would seek community comment on this matter through Blueskin News. The board will then review the matter, considering any comments received, along with any advice given by DCC staff regarding safe access. Your views should be provided in writing and addressed to ‘The Chair, Waikouaiti Coast Community Board’ and either emailed to or posted to c/- DCC, PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin, to arrive no later than 5:00pm, 30 April 2014.

Other Matters

Copies of DCC documents out for consultation are available from the DCC office and through the council’s website

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board’s next meeting is at 5:30pm on 16 April at the Karitane Hall. Agendas are generally available through the DCC on-line three days before the meeting through the link below. Members of the public are welcome to speak at the board’s public forum, however those wishing to do so need to advise Wendy Collard, our Governance Support Officer (phone 474 3374), before 12 noon on the day prior to the meeting. Remember you can view the board’s meeting agendas, reports and minutes at either the Waikouaiti or Blueskin libraries or through the DCC’s website at Members of the board are only too happy to hear (by phone or email) from members of the community about any issues within our area.

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