Saturday, 5 April 2014

Blueskin News Lives to Fight Another Day

by Lynnaire Johnston, President Blueskin News


Our article last month seeking volunteer help for Blueskin News was a success! Blueskin News will continue!

So many people have offered to help that we’ve not been able to take up all the offers. It’s great to know there are so many willing and able people living in Blueskin Bay who want our publication to continue. Thank you, all.

So, herewith, let me introduce the people who each month will be slaving away to ensure your copy of Blueskin News arrives on time in your letterbox.

The team who have been hard at work for months (and in some cases, years) are Craig Marshall, Rosemary Penwarden, Derek Onley, Laurence Hay (also our secretary) and Coleen Hastie. Helena Steenman joined us relatively recently.

New to the team are Mike Neill, Amber Lindsay, PJ Clarke, .ara Nokomis and Jean Strachan. We’re not sure they really understand what they’re in for but we’re very glad to have them on board.

Coleen Hastie leaves us after four years of doing not one job, but two. She has handled all the advertising administration plus acted as our treasurer and dealt with all our accounts. When she took over the role we operated a manual system. She has spent countless hours systemising us and doing more than any organisation has any right to expect. It’s no wonder she is being replaced by two people. We will miss her very much but are very grateful that her husband Neville has lent her to us for so long. You will know them both – they sell the yummy hazelnuts at our local market.

From all of us here at Blueskin News, we appreciate your messages of support and it is highly gratifying to know that you value our efforts. Viva Blueskin News!

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