Monday, 3 February 2014

Thank you from the Smith family

by Lucy Broughton and the Smith family


We would like to personally thank you for the care and love you provided to Pete both before and after his passing. The fact that you provided many ongoing meals to him since his illness was diagnosed demonstrated incredible community support. After his death we felt well supported by you all, and took comfort in you sharing your grief with us.

Thank you to those who assisted with cleaning Pete's castle. This applies both to when he initially came home from hospital after his diagnosis, and when he was returned home after his death. It was lovely for family to be welcomed at his home by his close friends. Thank you also to those who volunteered to stay the night with Pete during the time he lay at rest in his home.

We appreciated all your ideas and contributions to his funeral. In particular we would like to thank the Waitati Militia, McGillicuddy clan and Met and Warwick for adapting the battle to be a fitting memorial to Pete, and allowing family to be involved at such short notice. The battle could not have been a more perfect send-off for Pete; this was very special to us, but also very sad in that he was not able to participate (well, in this life anyway). We also loved the gesture of the Waitati Militia leading Pete down the street to the hall for his funeral service.

Thank you also for those who assisted with the funeral service including people who cleaned the hall before and after the service, those who set up the photographs, organised music, and to those who catered for the funeral and helped in the kitchen (what a feast!). The many tributes given by close friends at the funeral consisted of a mixture of great humour and interesting facts about Pete, and fond and loving memories were shared. Thank you to those who spoke.

Thank you to those who assisted transporting Pete to and from the battle, to and from his funeral, and then finally to the crematorium. He was transported in great style!

Finally, a big thank you to Mandy Mayhem who, in very trying circumstances, presented Pete in an honest and caring manner at such short notice. You all helped to send off Pete in style, thank you. It was a true state funeral (state of Waitati), and the family is deeply indebted to you.  What an amazing community you have.


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