Monday, 7 October 2013


by Lise Hall


Spring has sprouted in all directions after our mild winter (did we have one, really?), and we have continued to enjoy loads of outdoor play this month. There has been lots of exploration, imagination and creation in the sand-pit involving everything from animals and dinosaurs to lava flows, dam busting and of course castle-making! It’s so cool to see everyone co-operating so well together; the ‘big kids’ love sharing their skills and supporting and challenging the younger children, the younger children inspiring and learning from them.


The swinging and climbing and balancing on the monkey bars have been a big focus for many outside too – such a sense of pride when you accomplish something you have persevered with for so long. Never a session goes by without someone dressing up, and role-playing helping create some awesome games. This has recently been helped along by a fabulous grant from the Lottery Grants Board to replace our outside wooden climbing/creating cubes, Thank you so very much.


We have been very lucky to have had a visit from Sonya and Badger, her Search and Rescue dog. Thank you, Sonya, for such a fun and educational, (for children and parents) session about the role Badger plays, and also how to behave and approach dogs. This tied in well with our curriculum and ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’. It was such a treat, and especially for one wee man who was initially quite fearful of dogs but who, by the end of the session, was bravely patting and talking to Badger. Very proud of your bravery wee fulla! What fear have you overcome lately?


We have been thrilled to have lots of new faces visiting lately and the children and parents have enjoyed making new friends and sharing our experiences. By the time this is published we would’ve had our Blueskin flower show – boy have we had a good time creating sand-saucers and bird-feeders to enter! Quite a few budding florists in our midst.


Our AGM was on 25 September and as there is a ‘changing of the guard’ in the departure of our energetic, experienced, positive, motivated and just generally awesome President Sam, we’d like to thank her so much for her guidance and friendship to all during her term and hope she knows that ‘Once a Playcentre parent, always a Playcentre parent’ – always welcome to pop in and catch-up in a free moment. Thank you, Sam, from all the parents, children and community for your dedication. New office bearers have been sorted and we are so fortunate to have so many enthusiastic people on board – Warrington Playcentre is fantastic and we look forward to sharing this with the team from the Education Review Office when they visit in November.


Birthdays this month have sprung up on Zara, Rowan, Flynn and Jamie. Happiest of days to all you lovely cherubs, hope there was plenty of cake, smiles and good times. Sadly, Flynn and Jamie (and I!) have ‘come of age’ and will be graduating from Warrington Playcentre to the wonderful world of school. Our first introduction was when we came along to the SPACE programme when they were so very small and new, and we are so glad we did. Lifelong friendships and many, many wonderful memories, laughs, learning, playing and support have followed. We will miss you all.

If you are around and feel like some company, fun, friends and lots of lovely learning come and join us on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9:15 to 12:15. We’d love to see you, everyone welcome!  Ph 027 227 7329

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