Monday, 7 October 2013


by Stuart Strachan, Chair, Blueskin Bay Library Redevelopment Trust


The main progress to report re the Blueskin Bay Library redevelopment is that the finishing of the vehicular access onto Harvey Street will be completed within the next two to four weeks, depending on the weather. George Terry of Cargill Contracting is responsible for managing the project, with the actual work of sealing being undertaken by Fulton Hogan. To keep costs down it is planned that this will be done in conjunction with the finishing of the Carey’s Creek bridge upgrade.


Work is continuing on refining the plan for the reinstated play area to the west of the library. Initial consultation with local child care organisations and the Dunedin City Council playground specialist has pointed to a realignment towards a more ‘self-directed play’ facility, utilizing existing, informal materials, rather than installing expensive play equipment. Not only will this reduce the cost, both capital and ongoing, but it will also mean that there will be less need for close supervision of children’s play. It will, however, still be necessary to have a child-proof fence around the area, as well as soft-fall bark chips. Some landscaping and planting along the footpath margin is planned.


With this in mind a slightly revised specification for costing is being prepared and a number of trusts to help with costs have been identified. It is hoped to apply to these within the next few weeks.

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