Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

by Niki Bould, Projects Co-ordinator, BRCT

What a bustling month in our little office!  We have had visits from the Dunedin City Council's CEO (Paul Orders), a Green Party politician (Gareth Hughes) and our funders (the Lottery Grants Board), also from contractors and advisors for the Blueskin wind cluster project, and energetic, passionate community members. We love discussing potential new and exciting collaborative projects.

We have been busy producing reports on some of our completed projects, such as the Climate Change Adaptation Planning Project; thanks to the DCC for providing a grant to develop an action plan on climate change adaptation in Waitati. Also completed is our community energy advice work in Pine Hill, and we have taken a motivated group of six (from TV473) through audit training.  This group is now tackling fuel poverty in Pine Hill and North East Valley.  We want to say a big thanks to Presbyterian Support Otago for funding this valuable project, and to Chris Freear for running it.  These two reports will be available on our website: www.brct.org.nz

Early in July Solarcity provided a free solar insulation workshop for local solar enthusiasts and since then we have been supporting and contributing to the DCC's Energy Plan.  Right now we are sinking our teeth into the organisation of the long-awaited Cosy Homes Workshop with the aim of making every home in Dunedin warm and cosy by 2025.

Phew, and that was just July! On the fun side, we have been busy putting the finishing touches to our new website, which is now up and running (yay!).  The official launch of the Cuppa Tea Blog is on 2 August at 5:30pm in the Blueskin Library – please come along and celebrate its launch with us.

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