Tuesday, 30 July 2013


By Sue Bourne

The Blueskin Playcentre trip out in July was a visit to the butterflies at the Otago Museum. The children met up with Kim who told them the story of how butterflies are born. She then dressed Ethan up as a chrysalis in a special costume while all the other children closed their eyes. As the children opened their eyes he jumped out of hiding as a beautiful butterfly. They then went into the special humid area to see the butterflies eating, hatching and flying, and were so excited when the butterflies landed on them. It was lovely to be so warm on such a cold day. Before the children left they had to check each other in the mirror to make sure there were no butterflies trying to 'escape'.

On 14 July we all met at playcentre and shared a potluck dinner to say goodbye to William and Anna who are going to school and to Taylah and Elayna who are going to live in Christchurch. We also welcomed Jethro, Dorothy's new two-month-old brother. Everyone brought yummy food and we all managed to sit down together by joining all the small tables in a long row.

Playcentre is having a jumble sale on Sunday, 18 August, 11am--1pm. If you have any jumble please bring it along to the Waitati Hall the day before between 12 noon--3pm so we can sort it.

Playcentre is also organising a casino night on 2 November. This will be a great fun night playing roulette, slater racing, card games, etc. There will be supper and a blind auction at the end so you can spend your 'funny money'. 

Blueskin Playcentre welcomes all families to visit and have some fun .We are open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:15am –12:15pm. Telephone 027-427 1727

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