Friday, 28 June 2013

Purakaunui School

by Hugh Patrick Davidson, Year 4

It has certainly been wild weather for our study of weather for our integrated term topic.  Mr Cook and Ms Duvall-Smith have been keeping the classrooms warm with the log burner and we have been using the Met Service website to look at the daily weather for our weather study we are doing.

The library and the office are all cosy with the new double glazing so we can play table tennis and have library time.

We visited the museum to look at weather on 26 June, after it was postponed from our snow day in mid-June.

We are thinking about the Stars on Stage performance and have lots of good ideas. We are also making a film about our Stars on Stage production from start to finish.

Come out and see our beautiful new school sign made by Colin Howes, with the new spelling of our school name: Purakaunui. Thanks to Colin and Nikki Taylor for organising this.

Parent teacher interviews are happening at present, occurring for half an hour per student at the students' homes or at school. Students have been writing their goals in preparation for this.

The Seniors are going to the Edgar Center Sports Day on 3  July. Everyone is welcome to our end-of term assembly where we show off our term's work and have a pot luck tea. Contact the school if you want to know about this or our popular Little Cockles pre-school group.

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