Thursday, 23 May 2013


by Deanne Burrell
Safe heating.  Winter is now upon us and brings the need to stoke up our fires at night to keep warm.  Please remember that ashes can take up to five days to cool.  Ashes need to be placed in a metal container, well clear of your home.  If you are using a heater to heat your home, remember the heater-metre rule – keep yourself and your children, furniture, clothes and curtains at least one metre away from heaters and fire-places.
Safer winter driving.  With winter also come wet and icy roadsDrive slower than you normally would – it takes only a split second to lose control in wet or icy conditions.  Avoid sudden braking or turning movements that could cause you to skid.  Accelerate smoothly, brake gently, and use your highest gear when travelling uphill and your lowest downhill.  For vehicles without anti-skid braking systems, pump the brake pedal in short rapid bursts rather than pressing long and hard to avoid skidding or sliding.  Drive at a safe travelling distance because it takes longer to stop on slippery roads.  In winter, especially in poor weather, double the two-second rule and leave a safe distance between you and the car you're following.  When travelling in fog, rain or snow, drive with your lights on and dipped for increased safety.

Some people believe they are safer in a 4WD. However, in winter conditions these vehicles are no better than any others. You still need to drive to the conditions.
It would seem from the response to our promo last month that most of Blueskin Bay houses have smoke alarms fitted and working.  This is fantastic; we have 100% coverage in our area with smoke alarms in houses.  If by any chance you fall outside of that 100% we extend the offer to install smoke alarms or look at your existing ones for a check.
Please contact Paul Clements on 482 2640 or the Waitati Fire Station 482 2668 (Monday evenings) if you require further information or would like to take up our offer.

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