Monday, 22 April 2013

OPINION: Dance for Me Daddy

by Pip Cotton

Following last month's 'Piano, Poetry and Plays' notice, there is now an initial group of five who are interested in pursuing the ideas expressed (Blueskin News, 1 April 2013, p8) and recently we had a read through of a play called Dance for me Daddy. It's a fun, high energy, though fairly simple, work (as yet unperformed) that involves the music and dress of the twenties and thirties. It is possibly beyond the initial group numbers to fully realise at this time, but with two or three more people I think it would come within reach. In the meantime it is suggested that we also organise some small-scale evenings with some original poetry readings, music and possibly bits of plays that people want to explore. The name being put forward for this enterprise is 'The Pudding Club ' which suggests that great food treats may also be at the heart of the matter! So if you are interested in becoming involved via poetry, music and/or plays, please call me on 021 035 8383 or find me at 15 Brown Street.

 In last month's Blueskin News I also offered to teach music, in particular to people wishing to develop skills playing in blues, jazz and folk styles. At this stage I have agreement in principle that music teaching can occur at the Playcentre after it finishes and the question of gaining access to a piano is being explored -- it all feels positive from that direction. I also recently met with a young man (12 years old) and his father following my offer to tutor music. What a treat to see a young person with so much promise driving his own music forward, pushing himself into the world of blues and jazz improvisation. I am looking forward to working with him in the future. I am sure there will be others too who, with some basic musical structures and strategies, lots of positive encouragement and opportunities to perform, will mature into lifelong music makers.

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