Saturday, 23 February 2013


by Lisa Hall

Welcome back everyone!  What a glorious summer we've been having and it certainly looks like a lot of growing has happened amongst the children at Warrington Playcentre over the break.  After a supportive team of hard-working parents pulled together for a new year clean-up at the centre, we were all excited to get back to what we do best: play, have fun, learn and support each other and our children.
 We welcome Kate and Rueben, Roxy and Nikau and their families and are really enjoying getting to know them – great to have you with us!  It's so lovely to have a range of ages from babies to 4-year-olds.
 Lots of exploring and monitoring of produce has been happening over the last few weeks, several strawberry patch raids have taken place and we are watching our fruit trees with rumbling tummies!  Water and sand play have been big favourites as have tent- and hut-making games.  We are planning to wander along to Warrington School at the beginning of March to join in their Walk and Wheels Week.  We have also been invited to join Room 3 for lunch to catch up on some of our 'old' buddies.
 Supersonic fundraising queen (also known as Jackie!) has continued her form-filling fun and has been successful in gaining $600 to spend on new toys for our centre.  Well done!  Sam and Jackie have just come back from a shopping trip and the absolute delight on the children's faces as they delved into the big box was awesome.
 We are planning to set up a great event at the next Blueskin on Show (ex A&P Show) so make sure you watch this space.
 If you are around and feel like some company, fun, friends and lots of lovely learning come and join us on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9:15 to 12:15.  We'd love to see you.  Ph 027 227 7329

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