Saturday, 23 February 2013


by Leonie Rousselot

All welcome to join us at the Film Society, corner of Orokonui and Mt. Cargill Roads on Tuesdays at 8.00pm.  Membership for one year is $60 and covers 29 nights of entertainment. We offer drama, comedy, history or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant environment with convivial company.  For more info ring Leonie 482-2508 or visit:

Tuesday March 12

BADLANDS                                    USA 1973

Loosely based on a 1958 real-life cross-country killing spree, this story centres around bored teenager Holly (Sissy Spacek) meeting rebellious, and latent sociopath Kit (Martin Sheen). The two spark one another to a depth of evil that evolves in an extreme, yet plausible progression.     94m


Tuesday March 26

BEAU TRAVAIL                         France 1999

Claire Denis produced this study of the togetherness, yet separateness of men.  The men are a Foreign Legion troop stationed in Djibouti. Sergeant Galoup lives in his past halcyon days when life was uncomplicated, his men disciplined and regimented. But a new trooper joins, eclipsing Galoup's physical and social attributes, and ultimately disobeying his orders.  The trooper's harsh penance may have been devised out of reasons other than just punishment.                                        92m


Tuesday April 6

MERRY CHRISTMAS MR LAWRENCE                  UK/Japan 1983

Like all Japanese soldiers, Captain Yonoi considers that enemy soldiers in WWII POW camps are cowards, having chosen capture rather than noble suicide. So he commands his camp accordingly.  British prisoner, John Lawrence (Tom Conti) speaks Japanese fluently and understands their attitudes so tries to facilitate some sort of harmony between jailers and prisoners. Then a new prisoner, New Zealander Maj. Jack Celliers (David Bowie) arrives.                                         123m


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