Saturday, 23 February 2013

Help Sought for Addiction Issue!

by Geraldine Tait
This year I am finally going to give up. I've been talking about it for years and now for the sake of my physical and psychological health I've got to do it. I can look back 20 odd years and remember when I didn't have a problem; that was a happy carefree time and I wish I had not gone down this dark path. Thanks to the government I will be going cold turkey near the end of April.  It's going to be tough but I'm trying to stay positive.  I think there may be other people in our community who will be faced with the same dilemma and I'm wondering if we should set up a support group.
I think my main tactic for coping will be diversionary activities.  I've got a huge list of these and I'm sure my life will be fuller and much more satisfying if I can just stay strong.  So I just want to appeal to my friends and neighbours to help me.  If I call by with the excuse of borrowing a cup of sugar or for news about your grandchildren and you notice my eyes are glued to your TV set and I'm asking for an update on Coronation Street, then you need to take me in hand.  Remove me from the room with the TV and firmly tell me to go home! Things may get even worse than this; you may be called by the police to say I've been arrested for loitering in electrical stores in the section where they have dozens of TVs on display.  I might have been dazed and incoherent and needing a short stay in hospital for aversion therapy.
Maybe I'm being a little neurotic about life AT (after television).  I will still have my other favourite addiction -- National Radio, I've got stacks of good books to read, and of course the new enlarged Waitati library to raid.  The garden is always in need of attention and weeding is a great physical activity to work out any feelings of anxiety.  I can anticipate more walks on the beach, long chats with friends on the phone, but I'm not sure the house will get any tidier. My last resort will be hiring videos; well, yes, that is a little bit like TV but I'm sure it's less addictive and as the video shop is in town I won't be able to mainline!  So wish me luck and let me know if you are planning TV withdrawal yourself.  Maybe we can set up a secret society -- PWOTS (people without television sets).

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