Saturday, 16 February 2013


by Chris Le Breton

The Blueskin Solar Syndicate had its first meeting in early February at Waitati village hall, with over 20 people present, to learn about the commercial propositions, social enterprise option, and a possible community venture with Blueskin's own Hagen Brueggemann.   There was unanimous approval to explore further going forward on the community initiative with Hagen, given the price of solar PV panels + inverte + array/fittings looks to be around 50% of the cost of both of the commercial options, and seeing that the social enterprise isn't yet up and running.

Just as soon as Hagen has verified the origin of the panels in China, we will check up with other clients in Europe to evaluate how satisfied they have been with their solar equipment.   Let us know if you still want to join the solar syndicate, and get solar equipment about half price!

ALSO:  Can you help? The Blueskin Solar Project needs a desk or computer work station to put into the office.

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