Friday, 23 November 2012


by Nathan Parker, Principal

Warrington School students Naomi Ashby-Ryan and Ruby Harris have just won the 'Outlook for Someday', national short film competition award for their film Free Market, Free World.  The theme for the award was 'sustainability', so the girls chose to focus on the Warrington market.  This and other Warrington short films will be screened at the end-of-year concert.

Warrington School was the recipient of a national award for Open Culture at the NZ Open Source Awards evening in Wellington.  The school received the award for being pioneers in the use of open source software, creating school documentation on WikiEducator, and its use of Creative Commons licensed materials including Blueskin Bay FM.  Incidentally the use of open source software by Warrington saves the school and the Ministry of Education around $3000.

Blueskin Bay FM radio station 88.2 and web site based at Warrington School is on a drive to begin scheduling shows. Presently running 24/7 on random repeats, volunteers are being rustled up to assist with running a community radio station. We are also searching for local musicians who are happy for us to play their material. 

At the end of 2011 the school playground redevelopment began – court netting, sandpit, rebound and bouldering walls. Unfortunately, boys in big toys and a soft sub-layer ended up with a court munted.  A year later the court is flat but still awaiting final clearance before artificial turf is laid. We are still waiting for a few 'munts' to dry out.  In the meantime access is restricted to the new bouldering wall and sandpit.   

Finally, if Waitati can have the Wedgies then Warrington can have the OGGs -- the Okahau Glebe Gardeners, who have established a community garden in the school glebe (paddock).  It's presently growing potatoes and there is a core of gardeners planning to grow pumpkins and beans over the summer.

If you are interested in joining in on some OGG-ing or BBFM-ing please be in touch through the school office.  Thanks,

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