Friday, 23 November 2012


by Lisa Hall


Holy Cow, Batman!  It's nearly Xmas!  Not sure how that happened so quickly again but there you go.  I guess when we're all so busy doing things time just flies by, so hopefully by the end of the year we'll all get some time to put our feet up for a bit and reflect on 2012.

Warrington Playcentre continues to grow and we are thrilled to welcome the delicious wee Zara, our newest and youngest friend.  Very proud big brother Alexis is awesome at helping look after his new sister.  We are also thrilled to see Amy and her gorgeous children Leilani and Tane back.  It's fabulous to have a widening age group at our centre and amazing to see how all the children play, work and support each other so beautifully.

By the time this goes to print we will have had another visit from the Blueskin Library 'on wheels' and, like them, we are really looking forward to seeing how the new library progresses.  It's always a delight to see how excited the children are when discovering new books to borrow.

We are also on the brink of a visit from the 'big kids' from Warrington School.  The Year 8s are coming to share some of their books with us and I know there will be some adoring little people in awe of them.  These visits continue to build on developing our links with the local community. 

Another amazing group in our community is the Blueskin Garden Club.  They are always very generous with their support and have very kindly donated a thornless blackberry and two kowhai trees to further enhance our 'patch'.  The blackberry will really add to our burgeoning orchard, which we are watching with anticipation as the weather warms -- I feel fruit salads and jams might be on the agenda.  We are all keen gardeners and have sunflowers sprouting, peas germinating and strawberries and cranberries flowering frantically.  It's such a delight to see the fun and imaginative games and the plants flourishing in our Wild Things area after all the planting, developing and grunt work last year.

Sam, Christine and Pippa are off to the Otago Playcentre AGM to mingle and liase with the region's other playcentres to share and talk about their ideas, developments and successes.

There are some little people who have got bigger, older and cuter!  Happy Birthday's go to our wee hearties Lennox, Oscar, Leon and Ayano.  Ahoy, birthday maties, hope you have 'grrrreat' days and don't have to walk any planks!

To all those who have generously spent time with us over the year, we whole-heartedly thank you.  Communities can't function without the support of all those in them and we are truly blessed to have such a supportive one.  A special mention of thanks to the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board who have given us a grant to purchase new toys, and to the A.W Jones Trust for a grant also for toys and to re-cover our mats which now look incredible and will last for a long time.

May your holidays be spent relaxing and enjoying your families in some of your favourite things.  See you next year.

If you are looking for fun, friends and lots of lovely learning come and join us on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9:15 to 12:15.  We'd love to see you.  Ph 027 227 7329




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