Monday, 22 October 2012

Warrington Hall

by Lyn Hastie

Warrington Hall Committee members are delighted with our new landscaped area outside the hall. The locals have been very complimentary re the new look and we hear that our little neighbours at the playcentre are enjoying the new seats to watch the trains go by from. The hall now has a much more user-friendly appearance and we hope that you will stop and take a seat while having a catch-up rest after collecting the bills from the PO or just enjoy some peace and quiet in the new area. A huge thank you to Paul Ashford and his workers for doing such a professional and great-looking job. Thanks also to Andrew Noone for his support, and the donators and shifters of the rocks (you know who you are). We were very pleased to be able to save the lovely rhododendron which was planted by previous committee members and is flourishing.We hope if you are looking at doing some landscaping you will support Paul Ashford - see his ad in the News.

At our recent AGM we welcomed two new members and farewelled one. A big thank you to Ron Park who gave his time for 30 years to be on the committee. Thanks Ron. Our committee are as follows: President Ruth Porteous, Secretary Lyn Hastie, Treasurer Melissa Barnes; Committee: Rowena Park, Khan Beer, Susan Wigmore, Mike Fitzgerald, Christine Rainbow and Gilbert Carlyle.-Mike and Gilbert are also our wonderful lawn mowers and fix-it men. As you will have noticed, the hall and surrounds have been getting a tidy up and our latest project which we hope to get done over the holidays is to get the floor sanded and re-varnished. If you would like to use the hall please contact one of the above.

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