Monday, 22 October 2012


By Karen Hobday, Warrington Reserve Group


Due to weather and increased use, the car park area at the end of the northern track to Warrington beach has become very bumpy, and puddles often mean no more than four cars can park there easily.

Over the busy summer months, every year, we receive lots of complaints about the number of vehicles driving and parking on the beach.

The proposal to grade the area (see drawings by Rhys Owen) would make enough space for 12 cars to park in any weather, with minimal change to the area.

There would be a slightly smaller area of grass bank at the edge of the flat area, and no change to the walking track down from the Esplanade. A simple post and chain gate would leave space for easy walking access, and could encourage our many summer visitors to park here, instead of the beach. It will not be locked, so anyone can open it for surf club and boat launching access.

If you have any queries or concerns phone Karen Hobday, 482 2762.                                                         

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