Monday, 22 October 2012

Symposium: Creating a Bold New Future for Blueskin Bay and Dunedin

By Christopher Le Breton


A symposium on creating a bold new future for Blueskin Bay and Dunedin, was held on Saturday 13 October in the Waitati Hall.

Fourteen people attended, and had a great time. We looked at the state of the world and New Zealand, environmentally, socially and spiritually, and considered how humankind got itself into the predicament we face. 

We looked at what was happening in and around Blueskin, Dunedin and Otago. We finished by developing project ideas that ignite our passion and resonate with what we think is needed in our local area. 

Participants said afterwards:  "Thank you for a special day"; "Love the feeling of passionate people coming together. Thank you"; "It went to a deeper level than I had expected."

Following recommendation from Waitati locals and generous support from Blueskin News, Waitati Library and additional support described below, I reduced the suggested koha from $25 to $18. This was made possible thanks to help from Blueskin Library and Dunedin Central Library for the loan of a screen; Resiliency Insights Ltd for the loan of the projector, the University of Otago for sound equipment, and BRCT for donating flipchart paper.  

I want to acknowledge also the kind help and support received on the day with assisting with running the workshop, and anonymous donations from people in Warrington, Waitati, Dunedin and Purakanui. Its success can be attributed to your contribution. You know who you are!

After expenses for food, drink and petrol, and after paying the raised fee of $20 at Blueskin Nurseries for the use of the Waitati Hall, we made a surplus of $106 which will go towards training women environmental education teachers in Indonesia in 2013. Thank you very much indeed.  


Follow-up/ Next Steps

Following apologies given from people unable to be present and suggestions to publicise the symposium more widely, a number of us are forming a local group to meet monthly and engage further on the issues covered. I hope to organise a second symposium in early 2013, starting at 9am and finishing at 6pm to give plenty of time to get all the material covered. Feel free to be in contact with me to know more.

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