Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Community Energy Advice

By Chris Freear


The BRCT / Otago University trial is drawing to a close. If you have not yet registered for an audit – do it now at www.blueskinpower.co.nz. 

Last issue we looked at space heating, this issue we will look at the other big part of your energy bill – water heating.

Heating water takes a lot of energy. Did you know the average hot water cylinder contains as much energy as 10kgs of TNT?

·         Check your water temperature; 55oC at the tap is ideal.

·         If your cylinder is warm to the touch – put a wrap on it, and don't for get to insulate those hot pipes (the first 2-3 meters from the cylinder are the most important).

·         Fix those ripping taps.

·         If water is overflowing from the vent pipe on the roof – get that fix quick smart.

·         Have a shower instead of a bath (it uses a lot less water).

·         Adjust your shower flow rate to be under 8 ltrs per minute – you may need to get a low flow shower head or put a restrictor in the line.

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