Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

By Scott Willis


The BRCT Annual General Meeting was held at the start of Labour weekend, and as always provided an opportunity to review the activities of the past year and to look to the future.

Trustees accepted with regret the resignations of Antony Deaker and PJ Clarke, both of whom have brought great value to the trust, and elected Charles Abraham and Jenny McDonald as new trustees. The renewed BRCT board of trustees is comprised of: Chris Skellett, Ross Johnston, Gerry Carrington, Katie Parker, Tony Wilson, Charles Abraham and Jenny McDonald.

It was a small and intimate AGM, with apologies received, and plenty of productive discussion over a few glasses of wine.

BRCT's operations continue to grow, as reflected at the AGM, and the Trust is keen to ensure that BRCT maintains the capacity to deliver on projects.

Offers of assistance or interest in BRCT work are always welcome and the Trust is interested in supporting proposals that align with the vision of a positive, healthy, secure and resilient future for Blueskin Bay with sustainable resource use. You can discover more about the Trust at:, or check us out on Facebook.

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