Friday, 21 September 2012

Waitati School pupil article

Room One Waitati School has been working on persuasive writing; here is an example.


By Angus McLean, Year Six

Hello room one! My topic is why you should care about global warming. Here are just a few reasons why you should.

My first reason is: It could cause severe flooding. Scientists think that it could cause lots of flooding because the arctic ice caps are melting and warmer weather produces more intense rainfall.

You may be thinking, "I could just move to another country!" Well, my next reason is: many people could migrate to other countries. In countries with a warm climate, the climate would get even warmer and would make the country too hot to live in. That way, overcrowding would become a big problem as people move to cooler countries like NZ.

My last reason is: There could be famine. Flooding could destroy crops in some countries and because of overcrowding; there wouldn't be enough land for growing food. But that's not all, pollution would kill off sea life.

So now hopefully, now you do care about global warming because, it's a big problem and YOU have to help stop it!!!

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