Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hall available for hire

By Lyn Hastie
Warrington War Memorial Hall was built after World War 2. Monies were raised through donations from each household in the area and the hall was opened in 1957.
It is used regularly for tae kwon do, ballet and indoor bowls. It is available at other times for many different functions eg parties, school activities, family get togethers, weddings etc.
Recently the walls have been all re painted, while
in the kitchen has new lino and a fridge/freezer. The cleaner has new facilities and there is a new storage area.
Next on our agenda is to have the frontage landscaped and made more user friendly.
We are a small group of locals who manage the hall and would love to have some new folk come on board to assist us. If you are new to the area you may like to join us to get to know some folk in Warrington or you may have a bit of spare time to help the committee.
For more information on joining the committee or using the hall please phone our chairperson Ruth Porteous 4822849 or secretary Lyn Hastie 4822896.

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