Saturday, 25 August 2012

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

By Scott Willis

The BRCT is a charitable trust which seeks to improve the resilience of the Blueskin community in four key areas:

·         Energy

·         Food

·         Water

·         Community Resilience (including education and local economy)

The trust's work is funded out of a combination of grants, donations and contract work, and is hosted on Waitati School grounds by Waitati School. It is the dedicated commitment by paid and volunteer staff that allows BRCT to help build Blueskin's resilience. Our current projects include:

1.    Insulating the office – Novatherm ceiling and Novafloor underfloor insulation were recently donated to BRCT by Insulpro Ltd for the BRCT office, allowing us to walk the talk on energy efficiency and warm buildings. A big thank you to Insulpro, for the ongoing support of our efforts to build a more resilient community, and for support of the Blueskin Energy Project in particular. The BRCT office inhabitants keenly appreciate the donation of insulation.

2.    Blueskin Wind Cluster project see separate article

3.    Energy Advice, visit – run by Chris Freear (Kiwi Chris)

4.    Solar Project, visit – run by Chris Le Breton (Imported Chris)

The Chris's are in the office Mondays and Tuesdays.

Offers of assistance or interest in BRCT work are always welcome and the trust is interested in supporting proposals that align with the vision of a positive, healthy, secure and resilient future for Blueskin Bay with sustainable resource use. To find out about more about BRCT talk with trustees or contact the trust office (tel: 482 2048).

BRCT trustees and officers are Ross Johnston, Chris Skellett, PJ Clarke, Tony Wilson, Gerry Carrington and Kate Parker, with Jeanette Fitzsimons as the trust's patron. You can also find out more about the trust at:

The BRCT AGM date has been set for Friday 19 October, from 7.30pm in the Waitati Hall. All welcome.


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