Wednesday, 18 July 2012


by Lisa Hall


Well, autumn has set in although these great blue days are hopefully what winter will also bring us, even if the temperatures are a little lower. 


You would hardly recognise our outdoor area if you haven't been for a while – our new swing set is in and always covered in children.  They've been thrilled to have these fabulous swings in action. 


After an incredible effort by our parents last month, 53 cubic metres of bark was distributed under, over and round the playground equipment and throughout the play areas.  It truly was a team effort and on behalf of our children – "You guys ROCK!" (and I'm sure they'll promise to look after us all in our old age!).   It looks incredible and ensures a very safe area for our kids to play in.  Many thanks to the patience of the playcentre's neighbours as that Saturday was filled with tractor noises, cars, trailers, shovels and wheelbarrows amongst the heaving and straining of muscles.  Not only were there parents working hard but it was also pretty marvellous to have some locals, and ex-members of  the playcentre helping too – massive thanks to Sam for putting in a big day's work, Pippa's Mum and Dad and, of course, the fabulous Ozanne girls who were shovelling hard with the best of us.


We have just had a fabulous cupcake morning tea where some of our local friends and neighbours came along to join with us in eating, having a coffee and helping munch through so many tasty delights.  Wonderful to have you all join us.  The children had a fabulous time creating their cupcake designs; there were polar bears, sparkly pink ones, cats, spiders and dogs.  Pippa made a great plate modelled on Roland's spiders to celebrate his 'graduation' from playcentre, spiders have never looked so tasty!


This month we made Matariki lanterns to walk with under the stars to celebrations at Warrington School, and had visits from the Blueskin Library to stock up our reading requirements.  We also had a fabulous trip to the Waikouaiti Events Centre to join with local schools and childcare centres to see and sing along with Craig Smith – the 'Wonkey Donkey' guy.  He really is great entertainment and we all enjoyed his relaxed and very talented performance.


Sadly we have had several of our wee treasures head off to the wonderful land of being five and all that school entails.  Happy birthdays to Jake, Freddie, Arlo, Charlie and Roland.  The sandpit just won't be the same without you boys. Charlie we'll miss your amazing arty creativity.  Alexis is now a fabulous four-year-old Jedi and Emily is getting older and cuter too.  Party on everyone!


As so many of our older children are leaving there are many places opening up for new friends, so if you have or know of some local children who'd love to come and have some fun and gain new friends – we welcome you.  Parents, don't forget it's a fab place to meet other parents in a very non-threatening, relaxed and supportive environment – come on in.


We are open Wednesdays and Fridays 9:15am to 12:15pm.  Phone the playcentre 027 227 7329 for more information if necessary.  You are very welcome to just pop in and visit us.


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