Thursday, 21 June 2012


By David Clark

As the Member of Parliament for Dunedin North I was very pleased to hear of the Government's back-down in relation to its failed proposal to increase school class sizes through staffing cuts in the public education sector.


The policy U-turn highlighted a Government which is absolutely, completely, and in all aspects, out of touch with the mood of the people. 


The job cuts which were announced in this year's Budget, would have had a brutal and devastating effect on how much time teachers spent with pupils. I believe they would have seriously reduced the quality of education in New Zealand.


The mood, not only among Dunedin North constituents, but of the majority of New Zealand, was one of open defiance.


This prompted the Prime Minister to finally see common sense prevailing.


Public pressure forced a back-down on another failed National Party policy.


Labour is very concerned about the future of New Zealand's education system.


I am thankful to all who made their voices heard in the defence of education.


It was gratifying to march in Dunedin recently alongside such a wide variety of people -  members of Grey Power, children and those whose efforts helped organise the public protest forcing the Government's embarrassing back-down.


It's believed the rally was the largest public march since the first major neurosurgery campaign.


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