Friday, 18 May 2012

WAITATI SCHOOL: What have we been up to?

by Lauren Ashford (Year 5) and Cam Hassall (Year 6)


Some of the Year 7-8s from Waitati School were chosen to make their Blueskin Bay fish pie in the Maggi cooking showdown!  They were taken to Christchurch on 25 May and filmed on the Erin Simpson show!


I have been playing in the hockey team, and yesterday we won 4-1.  We had only ever played one other game.  Wicked!  The first hockey game we had didn't go too well and none of us had played before.  But it's all about having fun!


Adair entered a competition where you had to make an origami apple, take a picture and send it to the people who were doing the competition.  The first 35 school pupils to send the picture to them would win an apple tree. It was great for us to have a new apple tree because a few cows got out and damaged some of our apple trees and broccoli plants.  Luckily one of our school mums had frozen some of the earlier broccoli crop so we were still able to have broccoli soup for our Friday lunch that day.   


On Friday we located the missing bike pump.  Ben and I went to the sports shed and got some rugby balls, soccer balls, basketballs and netballs.  We had to pump balls up all morning before school but in the end it was worth it. Now we can continue our learning in P.E.


This week we all made planets including Pluto.  This is how we did it; first we blew up some balloons, then we papier-mached them.  Finally we painted them.  We are learning about the systems on Earth that work together, and interesting facts about space.


We welcomed Te Ao Marama Tawhara to our teaching staff last month. Marama is teaching Te Reo on Monday afternoons for students who wish to have some extension in Maori language. 


Every three weeks the School Council meets up.  Two people represent each class.  They talk about issues such as whether we should get a school pet or not, and fundraising for our school and other charities. 

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