Monday, 23 April 2012

WOO Hard Pressed Again

by Paul Cardno
This month's harvest market showed that WOO is now independently fully hard pressed again. This happy story really started about a year ago when Jason (let's call him Mr Apple for short) and Paul (we will call him Mr Builder) got together and started talking about creating an apple press for WOO (for the sake of this article and to keep things complicated let's call the apple press Mr Press). Design started on Mr Press and he was drawn up and scribbled down.  He morphed from spinning machine to metal monster and then finally settled on wooden beauty. Mr Apple had been quite diligent in collecting and filing Mr Press designs, and Mr Builder found these most helpful. See photo for details of design.
Mr Press of course couldn't be created out of thin air, so materials where obtained from several sources. Three sources are of note:

A - Large Dealer 1 - Oregon wood, for the frame, was obtained from Chris Cox in exchange for currency.

B - Medium Dealer 2 - Ash wood , for all apple contact areas, was donated by Scott Willis. This was in exchange for a smile and cleaning up under his house (OK, maybe not cleaning up under his house but helping to clean up under his house by taking all his best wood for a WOO project).

C- Small Dealer 3- More Oregon wood was donated by PJ, after Mr Builder broke the first top plate by applying too many tons to the car jack, in the March harvest market (thanks to Mark for lending the G clamp that held Mr Press together that day).

Construction of Mr Press started not long after Santa Claus had left our Blue Skin Bay and had gone back to White Snow Bay.  Mr Builder did a final design of Mr Press and Mr Apple reviewed this, agreement was settled and construction began.  Mrs Builder did have to put up with lots of noise emanating from work zone and trails of saw dust ,but nothing that Hetty (Mr and Mrs Builder's vacuum cleaner) couldn't deal with.

Mr Press was seen at the last harvest market, standing tall and feeling the press of the day as villagers talked about apple cider and drank freshly squeezed apple juice. He has also informed WOO that he was so happy with the flavour of the day that he's decided to settle right here in Blueskin Bay and is looking forward to being under pressure for many years to come.

Thanks also goes out to Hank for lending Mr Builder the longest and straightest drill bit.

Please note that the Queen was not consulted in this building process but has given her full blessing provided that WOO WOO Juice (cider) is not taxed to buy new table cloths.

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