Saturday, 21 April 2012


by Lyn Hastie
Blueskin Garden Club held their last meeting at the Blueskin Library. Our speaker was Dylan Norfield from the Dunedin Botanic Garden. Dylan was well prepared with photos on the screen and gave an interesting talk of taking part in the prestigous Chelsea Flower Show and also about his life in a family nursery in England. Dylan was a judge at the recent Ellerslie Flower Show.Thanks Dylan for giving your time to our club members. Several club members recently held a plant stall at the Blueskin A&P Clearing Sale.We hope to rekindle some of the competitions we used to hold at previous shows. Look out next year for a return of vegetable baskets, fruit and vege competitions, produce, baking, something for the children, etc etc. Your ideas are very welcome so please contact one of our members if you would like to add to our ideas. If you have access to a very large tent or a marquee please let us know too. Our AGM will be held on Thursday 10 May. More details to follow via club email. Contacts are President: Glenys Clements 482 2640; or Secretary :Lyn Hastie 482 2896.
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