Friday, 27 April 2012

Anzac Day Reflection

By Helen Beamish

Around 150 people of all ages gathered on 25 April to reflect on the tragedy of war and to remember those who died in the process of "going to war" for our country.
The Blueskin Bay Remembrance Service is always a time for the community to gather and be grateful for the relative peace of our lives, and to be challenged to choose peace in our personal relationships as well as the wider communities we live in – locally, nationally and internationally.
This year, the newly refurbished Waitati Hall was graced with some amazing artwork by the pupils of Warrington School. 
Guest speaker, Glenys Clement, continued the recent tradition of a "local" sharing stories of their family involvement in past world wars and the impact on their family. She told the story of her Dad, who served in WW2, and was able to capture both the tragedy and the camaraderie of being a soldier and the toll this took on her grandmother, father and mother.
The sense of community "gathering" always extends through time before, during and after the service... we are grateful that so many people choose to contribute to marking this day locally. Thank you!
If you would like to be involved in future services – telling your family story or helping with organisation please contact Helen (482 1440) or Alastair (482 2505).

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