Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Scheme replaces Rideshare

by Sarah Connolly, DCC Transportation Planning Manager

The Dunedin City Council's Planning and Environment Committee asked staff to investigate alternative ways to reduce parking pressure and increase sustainable travel behaviour, following its decision to discontinue support for the Tertiary Rideshare Scheme.

Now the DCC, the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic are referring people to the Jayride website, a national ridesharing network where people can offer or find a ride.

Chair of the DCC's Planning and Environment Committee, Kate Wilson, says she is pleased with this solution.  "It's a simple, cost-effective outcome for everyone. Referring our residents to one website avoids duplication of these systems and keeps it simple for the user. There are personal benefits in the shared costs of running a vehicle and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, as well as benefitting the city at large, with parking pressure eased and, perhaps, greater community connection."

The Jayride website, at, is free and easily accessed by all users and businesses and community groups can set up pages.

While there is no priority parking associated with this ridesharing network, as there was under the former rideshare scheme, there is a flow-on reduction in parking pressure all over the city as fewer vehicles are used to transport occupants. There is also the added benefit to the users of sharing the costs of running the vehicle.

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