Monday, 23 January 2012


by Scott Willis

Happy New Year to you all; 2012 has arrived with some new developments for the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT).  In December, BRCT Chair Lynnaire Johnston stood down from the trust after 18 productive months at the helm, and the trust wishes to thank Lynnaire for all her hard work. At the same time, BRCT is very pleased to welcome Kate Parker from Warrington on board as a new trustee, while Ross Johnston (no relation to Lynnaire) has been elected as chair.


The New Year seems a timely moment to reiterate that the BRCT's vision is 'to facilitate a positive, healthy, secure and resilient future for Blueskin Bay and linked communities and promote sustainable resource use'.  The Blueskin Energy Project is BRCT's main focus, as this initiative appears to contain the best prospects for not just greater energy security but also greater economic security for Blueskin Bay.

And it is with questions of economic turmoil and resource depletion in mind that BRCT is hosting a public forum on the subject of 'Building Local Resilience'. We are proud to announce that internationally renowned speaker and thinker Nicole Foss will headline this forum on 19 March in Waitati Hall (7:00pm) and we are planning a dynamic event. Make sure that date is in your diary! Remember, BRCT is driven by community ideas and primarily volunteer power, so if you have an idea for an event or project, or you'd like to run under the BRCT umbrella, please let us know.


The Clarke family, Nicky, Nathan, Max, Austin and Forest, who have been such community stalwarts during their time in Blueskin Bay, have recently upped sticks for Nelson. They're already sadly missed (though I expect they'll receive plenty of visitors at their new home). As a parting memento though they have generously donated Nathan's steam-punk spit-roaster to BRCT to use at community events, So in lieu of Nicky catering for us, they've provided the tools for us to do it ourselves – now that's fostering resilience!


In funding news, the Dunedin City Council community fund contributed $2,400 to BRCT late last year, which will assist the trust's efforts to develop a Community Energy Advisory Service, while results from other applications for the same purpose are still pending. The trust enters 2012 with a reliance on a mix of community funding, contract work, donations and volunteer contributions.


As always, BRCT welcomes any feedback on its activities and offers of assistance. One of the best ways to find out about BRCT is to talk with trustees or contact Scott at the trust office. BRCT trustees and officers are Ross Johnston, PJ Clarke, Antony Deaker, Tony Wilson, Gerry Carrington, Chris Skellett and Kate Parker, with Jeanette Fitzsimons as the trust's patron. You can also find out more about the trust at: , or by calling 482 2048.




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