Monday, 23 January 2012

Blueskin Low Oil Commuting Group (BLOC)

By Virginia Toy

Happy 2012 BLOC members - both cyclists and non-cyclists. At present,
the weather is fine and the cycling is still easy. I've been passed on
the road to the city by a lot of cyclists in the last few weeks. Many
of them (you?) look to be commuting to work. It is great to see so
many people out there on their bikes! The challenge for all of us will
be to keep cycling as the weather deteriorates.
Potluck meet 'n' greet: In an attempt to build and maintain our
support network for cyclists and other alternative travellers, I'd
like to propose we all gather for a pot luck dinner on Friday 24 Feb,
venue tbc via email. If you wish to attend and meet some of the other
local cyclists, please email so I can tell you
where to go. I hope that Lucy and Simon will be back from their cycle
tour over summer and can tell us all about it at this meeting.
Mailing list: My intention for the BLOC email list is that mail to will be automatically forwarded to all members.
Thus, if you need a cycling friend/supporter or a lift to or from town
in a hurry, you can email the list and hope for a rapid reply.
However, I didn't manage to set this up last year. I have finally
found a way to do it via Gmail, and so there is a new BLOC email
address: The old address still works too. If
you're already on our mailing list you should receive an email soon
asking you approve your email as a forwarding address from this
account - please do. If you're not on the list yet... why not? Email to join.
See you all on the road - don't forget to holler 'hello' to me as you pass!

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