Thursday, 17 November 2011

WAITATI SCHOOL: Book reviews

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight, by Jenny Nimmo.  Reviewed by James Burchell.

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight is a book about the final battle of the endowed children of the Red King.  Woe! the swordsman Ashkelan Kapaldi and the enchanter, Count Harken, Shadow of Badlock are out of their paintings.  Dagbert the downer is a good guy because he's stopped drowning people and regrets ever drowning anyone.  The main idea of it is to kill all evil.  They achieve this by fighting it out between good and evil. 

Predator's Gold, by Philip Reeve.  Reviewed by Finn Kelly.

Tom and Hester have had a peaceful two years since the downfall of Traction City, London, roaming the skies in an airship called the Jenny Haivener.  But now evil is back and a rising agency called Green Storm is destroying all their enemies, as well as Traction City's next stop…Tom and Hester.

Get ready for the roller coaster ride of the Mortal Engines.  Prepare for the treacherous journey to the dead continent America while being chased by a large threatening city 'Arkangle'.  Be warned: you may encounter stealthy thieves, hilarious dwarfs and a famous writer who has lied about everything in his books.  If he doesn't speak up soon Anchorage (Traction City) will be driving to its doom.


The Little House series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Reviewed by Tat Carr.

The Little House series of books is set in the 18th century.  The first book is set in America in the woods of Wisconsin.  In book two, Laura and her family move to the prairie where there are Indians, and wolves and many other animals.

Smiling Jack, by Ken Catran.  Reviewed by Lucan Willis.

I think Smiling Jack is a very gory book and has lots of murders.  It's about a guy called Robert who gets caught up in a murder mystery starting with his dad getting killed in a car accident.  The great thing about Smiling Jack is that the excitement is evenly spaced out throughout the book.  The other great thing about Smiling Jack is that it's also very realistic and seems like it's based on a true story.  It also has very detailed descriptions of the settings.  You can really picture them in your head.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves blood and guts mysteries.


Land of Snow, by Skye Waters.

This book is about a girl called Ella and she is walking home with her best friend Isabella then Ella hears a faint husky howl and her friend Isabella could not hear it. They went closer and Isabella could still not hear it. Then when they found it Isabella could hear it so then Ella took the husky home and called it Blue. Blue is no ordinary dog he is a magic dog.... Read this book and you will find out the magic and how it begins.


Rhiannon of the Spring, by Allan Frewin Jones.  Reviewed by Ahi

The story of a wild princess with extreme skills with a slingshot, the book drew me in almost immediately and hasn't let go. With a heart full of bravery and a mind of steel this princess will have a hard time fitting in with another royal family!  I give Rhiannon of the Spring a 9 out of 10; it was truly amazing but it just didn't go on long enough!  I would recommend this book to people 9 and over though it would be a good read for a mature 8yr old.

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