Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thank you, Waitati

by Katherine Petters

My partner, Josh and I were involved in a head on collision about 2km
south of Waitati on 13 November at the Donalds Hill Rd intersection
and our dog got such a fright that he ran off down the highway and
into the bush.

We could not find him that night but the next day we hit Waitati with
some flyers for our missing dog and what we discovered was an
extremely kind and compassionate community. Everyone we spoke to was
so concerned. Mandy Mayhem made calls to those she knew and Jan from
Waitati Valley Rd had copied some of our flyers and was handing them
out in people's mailboxes and we hadn't even talked to her yet! The
ladies at the general store were all lovely. We even had a suggestion
to print loads of flyers and give them to the mailman to hand out on
his mail run the next day. Bev, the mailman's wife was very obliging.
We ended up finding our dog at the end of that day and went home
feeling so moved by people's kindness.

The people I have mentioned are the ones whose names we caught but
there were so many others whose properties we visited who said they'd
look for him and even in the week after the accident I received calls
and texts asking if we'd found him. I have only been in New Zealand
for a year and this experience has made me feel very welcome and happy
to be in such a great place where people take time to really help you.
Josh, Scruffy and I say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped us so
kindly on that day.

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