Friday, 14 October 2011

RE: Your Email Won

   Non-Ticket / Online E-mail Address Winning
On behalf of the Australia Lottery Commission, we wish to notify on your Winning; also to congratulate you, that you're Email address was selected as one of the six lucky winners in this 2011 edition of Australia Lottery. Your Email Address won the Prize-Money in category "B" which is the sum of Seven hundred thousand British pound sterling [900,000.00BPS].
For verification and release of your [900,000.00BPS], winning cash prize, Please contact the Lottery Online Agent: Mr. Robert Hughes , on this Email: (, With the following information: 1. Full Name, 2. Telephone number, 3. Home Address (P.O Box Not Acceptable),  4. Age, 5. Occupation and Country.  Once again Congratulations !
Mrs Rita  Tua
Publicity Secretary; Australia Lottery.

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