Saturday, 22 October 2011

Not Much in Life is Straightforward: My thoughts on our library

by Jackie Fanning

Libraries are great community places and should provide space for
passive recreation (e.g. reading books/magazines, checking internet,
listening to music, etc.). However, doesn't our Blueskin Bay Library
already (or could) do this?

Yes, our library is small but so is our community -- so why can't we
make do with what we have? I think we are a humble community -- so why
do we need a 'first class' facility? Yes, toilet provision needs
improving – but to say we badly need a new community meeting room –
really? I've attended/run meetings in the Waitati Hall Committee Room
and it is cosy, warm and perfectly situated next to the kitchen – it
just isn't new and flash.

I realise there has been community consultation on this project -- but
a lot has happened to world and local economies since that time and I
think people are more aware of the effects of living beyond our means
and bad management of money. There is only so much money – and those
who get it mean there are those who don't.

I think in recent years more people recognise that there are a number
of costs associated with project development (an obvious local example
here). I'm not going on about environmental costs (although of course
this is applicable) but there is a social (opportunity) cost. What is
spent in Waitati on a 'first class' improvement to an almost-adequate
facility is money not spent elsewhere on projects that can really make
a positive difference to communities whose needs are more urgent than

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