Thursday, 22 September 2011


by Gerard Collins

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board (WCCB) has noticed a significant
increase in applications for funding from community groups and
non-profit organisations from within our community over recent months.
It is recognised that it is becoming more difficult for community
groups to access funds for projects and activities. At a recent
meeting with the Otago Community Trust and Dunedin City Council (DCC)
community grants staff, both organisations expressed a desire to
provide guidance and assistance to community groups considering
projects that may or may not attract funding assistance. The advice is
free and their knowledge of charitable funding bodies extends well
beyond their own organisation. I am eager to hear from community
groups and organisations that are interested in the WCCB facilitating
a workshop on community fundraising within our area.

At our September meeting the board will consider opening the locked
gates at the Warrington Reserve during summer months. The gates have
been locked over the winter in response to damage caused by boy

The information facility at East Otago Events Centre in Waikouaiti
during the Rugby World Cup has received a positive response. It is
pleasing to hear that a number of the visitors have been either new
residents or people seriously thinking about moving into the district.
A special thanks to all those volunteers who have committed their
time to manning the centre.

Special thanks also to those who made sure the world cup train from
Waitati was a real community event, the success of the first train was
a credit to those involved.

I am pleased to hear that the fundraising effort for the Blueskin
library project is well underway. This project has the ability to
deliver a much deserved first class facility for our community. The
fundraising group members have provided a personal commitment of their
time and effort in order to achieve a positive outcome for us all. It
is important that we as a community get behind the fundraising effort.

Copies of Dunedin City Council documents out for consultation are
available from the DCC office and through the council's website

The September WCCB meeting is at 5.30pm, 28 September, at Warrington
Surf Club rooms. The next meeting will be at 5.30pm, 9 November
2011, in the Karitane Hall.
Members of the public wishing to speak at the public forum before each
meeting need to advise Jane Hinkley our Governance Support Officer
(Phone 4743374) by 12 noon on the day prior to the meeting.

Remember, you can view the WCCB's meeting agendas, reports and minutes
at either the Waikouaiti or Blueskin libraries or through the DCC's
website at

Members of the board are only too happy to hear (by phone or email)
from members of the community about any issues within our area.

Board Contacts Home Work Mobile email
Gerard Collings (Chairperson), 4657604
4707494 0274848800
Alasdair Morrison (Deputy), 4822505 4822505 0274354384
Andy Barratt, 021890048 021890048
Andrew Noone 4657157 0274301727
Geraldine Tait, 4822517 0212175492
Les Pullar, 4658138 0274358020
Mark Brown, 4822833

Gerard Collings
Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

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