Friday, 23 September 2011

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

By Scott Willis

Thanks to generous financial support from the Otago Community Trust and
others, and a sustained effort from volunteer helpers, the Blueskin Energy
Project was able to hold open days at Long Beach, Warrington and Waitati.
BRCT trustees from Purakanui (Ross Johnston), Warrington (Chris Skellet) and
Waitati (Lynnaire Johnston) were on hand to answer questions and discuss BEP
A big thank you to everyone who attended over the three days. The quality of
discussion was excellent. It demonstrated the deep thought people are giving
to the future energy needs of their households and communities. The many
suggestions contributed by those attending will be considered by the BRCT
trustees and will influence the future direction of the Blueskin Energy
A particular thank you to Laurence Hay whose invaluable assistance made the
open days run like clockwork. Thanks as well to Barbara Johnston, Gerry
Thompson, Therese Hailes, Seth Gorrie, Jenna Packer, John Kaiser, Charles
Abraham, Nathan Clarke, Steven Jenkins, Luke Johnston, Hank Rebmann and
Leone Rousselot. Thank you, Kelvin, for your timely distribution of flyers.
If I have missed anyone, please forgive me!
BRCT continues to work on applications for funding to support our projects
and the necessary community engagement. We also have a new website, Information about the Trust and
trustees is available there.
Throughout New Zealand and the world, communities are looking for practical
ways to develop renewable energy, local food supply and sustainable
transportation. It's certainly not too early to be putting some serious work
into these issues. The current state of the world economy and financial
markets is a reminder that we need to do all we can to increase the
viability and resilience of our local community. We can't assume that
decisions made hundreds or thousands of miles away will be the best for our
families, households and communities. As far as we are able, we need to take
charge of our futures.
Next month we will report on the follow-up to the BEP open days.
Contact 482 2048

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