Sunday, 25 September 2011

Blueskin Flower Show

by Lyn Hastie

Blueskin Garden Club hosted another successful Spring Flower Show last
month. A big thank you to everyone from Blueskin Bay and surrounds
who supported the show. If it wasn't for you all cutting your prize
blooms, not to mention the amazing rhododendrons, we would not have a
There were 791 entries, which was a bit down on last year, but still
the Waitati Hall was a blaze of colour. Special thanks to the
teachers, staff and parents from the Warrington Playcentre and School
who as always encourage and support the children into taking part. The
painted stones drew many favourable comments. How clever our young
folk are. Thank you also to Peter Appleby and Graeme Fyfe for giving
our show a good plug on Radio Dunedin.
Thank you also to the judges who give freely of their time. Thank you
to the Blueskin Nursery for the plant which was raffled. Raffle prize
winners were Ruth Stevens, Daphne Henderson, Sarah Smith, Pete Addis,
Lisa Clifford and Jan Boswell. Children's raffle winners were Maddox
Duff, Steven Rainbow, Phoebe Ozanne, Michael Rainbow, Leah Macdonnell,
Myah Omipi, Cathryn Stewart, Susan Powell, Maddy Ozanne, Rosa Cameron
and Grace Cunningham.
Trophy winners were Most Points in the Juniors section Maddy Ozanne,
2nd= Roland Ozanne and Jasmine Johnson, 3rd Ashlie Carbines and 4th
Phoebe Ozanne.
Family with most points: the Ozanne Family. Floral Art, Best Exhibit,
Prize Bloom, Most Individual Points: Lyne Carlyle. Most Points in
Flowering Shrubs: Daphne Henderson.
Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to everyone for taking
part and we look forward to your continuing support next year.

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