Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Warrington School Column

By Indy Perry

Two weeks ago there was a netball match at Warrington School between Blueskin Bay (Warrington/Waitati combined) and Liberton Christian School. In the end it was a tight match at 20-all. It was a tie so to end the game it was first to get two points above the opposite team. It was a battle but the Blueskin Bay team finally managed  to win. And we felt really good.

Last week it was the final match for  the Blueskin Bay netball team. We were to play the Fairfield Mystics at the Edgar Centre. We were feeling hopeful that we could win. When we played this team once before we had won. At the very start we were losing majorly but then we caught up and we won by 23 to 12. We each got a certificate and a bar of Fair Trade chocolate, which was nice. Now we are the Grade 7 winners  in Dunedin.

Pony Club Update

Naomi and Ruby have finally finished the hobby horses they have been working on during the past few weeks. After they had completed them they took all of the children on a pony club trek down the road. Making them included using skills of drawing, cutting, sanding, sawing, painting and screwing. Everyone loves their hobby horse and has taken them home!


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