Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Complex Issue

by Rosemary Penwarden

If you have visited the Dunedin City Library website lately you will
have seen that the new library building planned for Waitati has
morphed again into the 'Blueskin Bay Community Complex'. It has a new
name to attract the half million dollar funding it needs to get built.
'Library' is not the right word to attract funding from the likes of
Lotto. Libraries are the domain of local councils and they are already
coughing up half a million for ours. But multi-purpose 'community
complexes' that 'meet the informational and recreational needs' of the
community as well as accommodating their 'events and cultural
activities' tick all the word boxes so that the man who makes the
funding decision can give us the dosh

The dosh sits in big coffers, collected from less well-off people and
distributed to more well-off people who have access to cleverly worded
funding applications. The less well-off people buy the most Lotto
tickets, sit at pokie machines and live in the poorer socio-economic
areas, which have fewer public amenities such as libraries. South
Dunedin has pokie machines but no library. Waitati, on the other hand,
has no pokie machines but has a library which is soon to be demolished
and replaced, at the cost of almost a million dollars, with the
'Blueskin Bay Community Complex'.

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