Monday, 18 July 2011

E.coli levels prompt farmer to fence stream

by Florence Sorrel

A Warrington property owner has decided to fence off a small section
of his property as a public area to protect and provide a filter for
the small stream which runs through it. Richard Somerville was
surprised at the high E.coli levels in the stream, and when approached
by local photographer Laura Blake with a proposal for an area of
native trees and plants to neutralise agricultural waste and stock
effluent, he was happy to co-operate.

A fence was needed to stop cattle eating the plants. To help raise
funds the board of trustees of Warrington School donated $500 and also
organised a raffle. Working bees are organised to control weeds and
clear the stream, with the next working bee on 24 September. Also, a
public meeting will be held on 26 August at Warrington School to
discuss plans.

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